While working on a bunch of provisioned servers(Citrix PVS), I needed to do some modifications on the cache drive. I made a small .VHD image which boots quickly and gives me access to some rudimentary tools. I also had to inject a couple of drivers for the VMWare components.

First of all, install the Microsoft Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) and get a copy of the VMWare-drivers(Program Files\Common Files\VMware\Drivers\) from a system with the VMWare Tools installed.

Right-click the shortcut to “Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment” and choose “Run As Administrator”. Use copype to build your own bootable WinPE environment. The syntax is “copype <architecture> <destination>”.


X86-architecture selected for the image and “X:\winpe_x86” used as work folder:


Mount the image:


Inject the needed VMWare drivers (\drivers is the source folder).


Copy any tools you need into the (mounted)image, for example into the folder X:\winpe_x86\mount\tools.


Unmount the image and commit your changes:


Create a boot-ISO (Optional):


Create a virtual hard drive which will be used for provisioning:


Prepare the drive by using MakeWinPEMedia:


Detach the disk and move the .vhd into your PVS server.