JaffyDOS d64 Copy v1.0 is for copying disks both way, from and to 1541/SD2IEC(d64). It includes a simple browser in which you can select a d64 image.
Press space to type in name of the D64 image (without extension) or use the D64 browser to select an existing D64 image. You can also press space in the browser to type in a new D64 image filename. Pressing F7 in the browser will dir the selected d64 file (SD2IEC only supports dir on a 35 track image).


JaffyDOS d64 Dump v1.0 is one way copy tool for “dumping” 1541 disks to SD2IEC(d64). This tool does not have a browser and will save the D64 image in the current SD2IEC path. It shows an detailed information on read-errors and will add the error information to the image if applicable. Press space to type in name of the D64 image (without extension). Program will loop and ask for next filename when finished reading an disk.


General Information
Full disk/d64 copy program only (no file copying possible).

Fast I/O. Copying a 35 track disk takes approximately 2 min with Jiffy/JaffyDOS and 4 min 30s with CBM kernal.

35 / 40 track support. Will be set automatically when selecting a .d64 image with the browser, otherwise configure it manually.

If you enter(by pressing space) a non-existing .d64 file/image, it will be created during the copy process.

An existing D64 file will be overwritten without any warning.

RUN/STOP can be used to exit to the main menu from the browser.

RESTORE key returns to main menu restarting the tool.


Default device number

You can “hack” the default source (green) and destination (red) devices to your preference by editing the two values above.


Special thanks to Tom-Cat for testing and feedback !