Electrical Shock Hazard

Work should not be attempted if not having experience with
powersupplies and understanding the dangers with it.


Position Qty Value Dimension (mm)
C1 1 1uF(X2) 250V l=33 w=16 h=27 r=30
C9 1 120uF 400V h=30 d=25
C8 , C103, C112 3 10uF 50V h=12 d=5
C10 1 47uF 50V h=12 d=6,5
C104 , C106 2 220uF 25V h=12 d=8
C113 , C114 2 100uF 25V h=13 d=6,5
C111 1 1uF 50V h=12 d=5
C108 , C109 2 1500uF 10V h=30 d=10
C110 1 1000uF 6,3V h=13 d=10
C107 1 1000uF 18V h=21 d=10

Low ESR, high temperature(105°) and well known manufacturer capacitors should be used.