I have a bunch of Amiga powersupplies and to be on the safe side I decided to go through them all and give them a recap. Some capacitors had bulged and some others leaked so it was about time to get it done. It is also a good idea to check the solderjoints on the PCB while at it. There are also line-filter capacitors on the boards which should not be neglected, some ( especially RIFA ) are prone to release out the magic smoke. Low ESR, high temperature(105°) and well known manufacturer capacitors should be used.

A replacement powersupply (ATX / Pico PSU) or retrofitting them with Meanwell PSU is probably a better choice, I just wanted to refurbish these to be useable when needing an extra 🙂 . Ian Stedman has a good Amiga power supply guide where you can find more information.


Electrical Shock Hazard, Do Not Open.
No User Serviceable Parts Inside.

Read the warning label on the powersupply.

Work should not be attempted if not having experience with
powersupplies and understanding the dangers with it.

A600/A1200 Powersupply 391029-03 (5V@3.0A 12V@500mA -12V@100mA)
Original capacitors are Low ESR.

A600/A1200 Powersupply 391029-03 (5V@3.0A 12V@500mA -12V@100mA)
A500 Powersupply 312503-03 (5V@4.5A 12V@1A -12V@0.1A)
This model two resistors which go hot (by design), both are 47 Ohm 1% 1/4W.

A500 Powersupply 312503-03 (5V@2,5A 12V@1.0A -12V@0.1A)


A500 Powersupply 312503-03 (5V@2,5A 12V@1.0A -12V@0.1A)