I needed a firewall and ended up with pfSense with an Intel D2500CC motherboard. A retired Shuttle K-45 was used for the case, which turned out to be Mini-ITX compatible and a good candidate for case modding.

With the motherboard and powersupply being passively cooled, a SSD harddrive and a quiet fan makes the machine completely noiseless.


I had to cut out holes for the DVD-ROM and for the LCD.


The LCD is a “20×4 SureElec LCD” (USB) and works with lcdproc using the SureElec driver in pfSense.



The original PSU was broken and replaced with an Antec md-135 powersupply. Removing the original PSU also freed up space for a WLAN antenna(or two). The Intel D2500 has two Gigabit network cards and i added a Dual Gigabit NIC into the PCI slot. The fan mesh was removed.



The LCD did not fit inside the front panel so i had to separate the PCBs and extend them with a flat cable.



…and pictures of the original K-45: