I got myself a Greaseweazle F7 Plus primarily for reading(/writing) 3.5 inch floppies and wanted an all-in-one enclosure with an option to be able to attach a 5.25 drive if needed. I had an external LaCie d2 DVD-ROM (USB to SATA) laying around which seemed like a good candidate. After removing the backplate, the upper, lower and side walls can be slid off.

DVD-ROM replaced with a 5.25 to 3.5 adapter and a 1.44 HD disk drive.

“Maintenance holes”, floppy is attached from the bottom for easy removal.

Added an extra screw for the USB-connector (more of that below).


Greaseweazle mounted on spacers, floppy cable going beneath the board. Since having an “external” source for the powersupply, 0V(GND) in the Greaseweazle connector is used to make sure there are no different potentials. There should be continuity between the different parts, but just to be on the safe side.

The LaCie PCB(green) has a +5V/+12V supply and had a USB to SATA bridge extending over to the screw standoffs in the lower right corner. I wanted to use the powersupply but removed the USB to SATA bridge by cutting the PCB right off the USB-connector. The USB-connector had to be replaced with another type to support the PCB and is only used as a passthrough to the Greaseweazle.

Capacitors on the +5V/+12V suppply were replaced with better ones and the SATA powercable was replaced with a Molex-connector.

* Add LED:s for +5, +12 and “activity” in the front.
* Install write-protect switch(es) in the front.
* Find an Y-connector for the powercable and a floppycable for attaching a 5.25 floppy just by lifting the lid (optionally stack with another enclosure which fits a 5,25 drive).