I downloaded Netscaler VPX for Hyper-V from Citrix downloads and tried to import it to my Hyper-V 2012R2 machine but it failed with an error “Hyper-V did not find virtual machines to import from location“.

Reason for the import failing is because the NSVPX image has been created on 2008R2(Hyper-V2) and due to changes to the platform they are incompatible. You can read more about it here.


The short answer is to create a new machine.

Create a new virtual machine with the following settings: (values in bold are mandatory)
Specify Generation: Generation 1
Assign Memory: Startup memory: 2048 (do not select dynamic memory)
Configure Networking: Connection: (Select your preferred Connection)
Connect Virtual Hard Disk: Use an existing virtual hard disk (the .vhd image).

…and make sure the following is configured: (edit if needed)
Number of virtual processors:2
Network Adapter: May not be a “Legacy Network Adapter”


PowerShell equivalent of above:


Now configure your network settings. You will need at least one adapter for the management IP address (NSIP) for the NetScaler. Additional adapters may be needed in your environment.