Netscaler VPX Express is a free version of the NetScaler VPX appliance, but with a few limitations. You don’t have the same throughput, there is no SSL Offload and you need to renew the (free)license every year.. which is good enough for some cases.


Update 2015-04: Follow the link: Import Netscaler VPX to Hyper-V 2012R2.



Information below is kept for future reference.

Convert a NSVPX VMDK(VMWare) to VHD(Hyper-V)


I wanted to test the Netscaler VPX Express in my homelab but at the time there were no download available for Hyper-V. There were downloads for VMWare, XEN and KMS hypervisors.

I downloaded the current image for VMWare, “NetScaler VPX for ESX 10.5.e Build 52.1115.e

In an earlier post, i wrote how to convert an vmdk image to Hyper-V:


Create a new virtual machine with the following settings: (values in bold are mandatory)
Specify Generation: Generation 1
Assign Memory: Startup memory: 2048 (do not select dynamic memory)
Configure Networking: Connection: (Select your preferred Connection)
Connect Virtual Hard Disk: Use an existing virtual hard disk (the image above).

…and make sure the following is configured: (edit if needed)
Number of virtual processors: 2
Network Adapter: May not be a “Legacy Network Adapter”


Start the machine

If you get the “Invalid Slice” message you need to repair the bootloader, which can be done with the FreeBSD LiveCD.

Download the “FreeBSD-8.4-RELEASE-i386-livefs.iso”, mount it and reboot the machine.

From the Main Menu, select the following:

From the Configuration Menu, select:


Now select the freebsd partition and press “S” to make it bootable and “W” to write changes.

When asked for Boot Manager, select:

Press “Q” to finish and then exit the installer, make sure the CD-image is unmounted and reboot.

You should now be able to boot the netscaler.


After some initial configuration, login with the default credentials: NSROOT/NSROOT.