There are several reasons why you would like to have several instances of the same app in your Worx store. For example you need to test an application before upgrade or applications that require multiple configurations for different users.


Uploading the same app into the appcontroller will give you problems, therefor you need to make a distinction between the “new” app from the “old” one.


The .ipa file is a .zip file. Extract the file and you will find a folder named “Payload”. Within the Payload folder you will find a file “Info.plist” which holds the settings for the specific application. Property list (“P-list”) files are used in OSX and iOS programming frameworks. These files can be edited natively on OSX but Windows will need a third party tool (In my experience, plist Editor Pro is the best one so far).



You need to change the CFBundleIdentifier to be able to publish another instance of the app. Optionally you might want to change CFBundleDisplayName, this is the name displayed on the device when the app is installed.


Update: Newer versions of the MDX toolkit has option to change the “CFBundleIdentifier“, but not the CFBundleDisplayName.